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How to create an unforgettable Exchange experience?

Would you like to see what a Slovenian school looks like? Do you want to teach Slovenian children about your home country? How to make your favourite food or play your national sport?

The World in Classroom is a project coordinated by LLP National Agency with aim to bring together international students with Slovenian schools (or kindergartens)..

International students can work as teacher assistant, carry out a project with the class, gives a lecture on a certain topic depending on what you and teacher want.

You can attend language classes or history, geography, cooking lessons or participate with photo/painting exhibition, blog, music (depend on your wishes and possibilities in schools)…

One lesson (one school hour) equals one visit. You can arrange for more hours if you like.

If you’re interested in participating you can apply at LLP National agency Slovenia – CMEPIUS.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation and a small gift.

Procedure and application on our web page:

If travel is needed, we will arrange the costs reimbursement.

For all further questions, you can contact Maja Godejša,


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