Study / Master Programme

Master study program “Design” consists of fields of study: Interior Design, Textiles and clothing and Visual communications, which are further individually divided into modules. With the modular system we want to achieve a higher level of students’ specialization for the chosen profession, while also improving the level and breadth of knowledge and at the same time linking it through semesters. Methods of study represent a raise in awareness of the future generations with regards to the significance of design and its impact on the improvement of the culture of living.

Master study program is harmonized with the Bologna criteria and includes the newest educational trends into the pedagogical process in the fields of interior design, new textile materials, and products and visual communications.

The program will qualify future graduates so they will be able to competently perform different tasks in the field of developing innovative, original and commercially interesting design solutions, attributable to their professional knowledge, skills and abilities. Pedagogical work is designed to meet the needs of the social environment in which we are entwined and which gives raise to the needs, which could be realized with the acquired knowledge. Our graduates will find employment in the domestic as well as foreign public companies and corporations. They will develop the necessary competences for the establishment of their own enterprises and confidently participate in the designing and development divisions, production stage, as well as in the transfer goods or rendering of services to the final buyer, since the program is primarily designed as an interaction between education, research work and economy (so-called “triangle of knowledge”).

Upon the completion of studies the graduates will earn a master’s degree in design. Master program is oriented towards the sustainable development, which considers the legality of sustainable design in the sense of awareness as to how important is this aspect for our future.

The added value of the new master study program represents a vast quality progress in the development of The Faculty of Design as an institution that will further intensify via research and development projects, including and connecting students and experts from various branches of economy, while also strengthening international collaboration. At the same time, the implementation of the program accounts for a substantial contribution to the development of the Slovenian design identity in the domestic as well as international environment.

For more information regarding enrollment procedure please contact
Mileva Misković
Head of Student Affairs Office
E-mail: mileva.miskovic(at)
Phone: 00386 59 23 5010 and 00386 31 383 883

1. year I. Semester   ECTS
Mind inventions 4
Brand development studio 4
Interdisciplinary eco innovation studio 8
Green Organization 6
Studio for conceptual design 8
II. Semester ECTS
Social responsibility of design manager 3
Research methodology in design management 6
Intellectual property law 5
Studio for multidisciplinary project management I 12
Optional course 4
2. year I. Semester ECTS
Product promotion and corporate image studio 6
Innovation school 6
Critical analysis 4
Studio for multidisciplinary project management II 10
Optional course 4
II. Semester ECTS
International business 4
Product design studio 4
Master´s thesis 18
Optional course 4
Optional courses: ECTS
Design and Prototyping II 4
Finance and accounting for designers 4
Contemporary Culture 4
Project management 4

Leaflet of the master programme

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