Faculty of Design offers first (bachelor degree) and second cycle (Master) study programme “Design”. Both programmes consist of fields of study: Interior Design, Textiles and clothing and Visual communications.

Study programme “Design” was formed in accordance with the Bologna declaration standards arising from European directives on high education development following the example of comparable related programmes in Europe.

The programmes are evaluated by the Criteria for the Allocation of Credits to Study Programmes under ECTS.

The duration of the first cycle, the bachelor’s degree, is three years (6 semesters). Every academic year, two semesters, is evaulated with 60 credit points. A student completes the education by fulfilling all necessary requirements, attaining 180 ECTS, and successfully completing his diploma thesis. The title received upon completing the programme is Bachelor of Design.

The duration of the second cycle, Master, programme is two years (4 semesters) and is comprised of 120 ECTS. The title received upon completing the programme is Master of design.

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