Shorter and longer hostings of foreign experts and professors at the Faculty of Design from 2016 to 2018 (Public Tender)

News / Shorter and longer hostings of foreign experts and professors at the Faculty of Design from 2016 to 2018 (Public Tender)


Faculty of Design has received co – funding on a Public Tender for: Shorter and longer hosting of foreign experts and professors at the Slovenian higher education institutions in the years from 2016 to 2018.

During this period the Faculty of Design will be hosting 8 foreign experts or professors for the short term period (1 week, 7h of lectures at least) and 2 foreign professors for the long term (4 months, 6h/week, 96h of lectures total or 3 months, 6h/week, 72h of lectures total).

Description of the project: GoinGreenGlobal

The proposed project of organizing the visits of foreign experts and professors is addressing the sustainable paradigms of contemporary design, the so called GoinGreenGlobal project. The approach deals with a new trend that is based on raising awareness of the importance of sustainable and green design. GoinGreenGlobal combines various areas of interest, such as architecture, interior design, wood construction and production, photography, visual communications, fashion and textile design as well as design management. The approach offers comprehensive support in developing green decisions and positive changes in the production of systems, concepts and products which have an added value in the global economy. Together with the visiting experts from abroad, the visiting university professors and the local, Slovenian professors, we want to raise awareness of sustainable design which is based on the concepts of GoinGreenGlobal and “Zero Waste Design”.

The aim of the project is to raise the quality of study programs through the transfer of knowledge and experience in the field of design, the latest trends in sustainable design and the introduction of new forms of teaching in the study process, as well as a more constant international cooperation with foreign experts and institutions of higher education.

The project consists of three key activities:

Short- and long-term visits by foreign experts and professors: In the context of activities we shall invite foreign visiting experts and scholars from key study areas: interior design, textile and fashion design, visual communication and design management. The lectures offered by the visiting experts and professors shall be focused on sustainable design and are to be attended by both the FD students as well as the home university professors and other associates. The students shall gain an experience of quality lectures with an insight to new knowledge, which shall render them more competitive in the labour market after graduation. The visiting lecturers shall also contribute to the development of the knowledge of home professors and other faculty associates. Sharing experience, knowledge transfer, and new forms of teaching shall all contribute to raising the quality level of the study programs at the faculty.

Presentation of visiting scholars’ programs results: Simultaneously with the visiting scholars’ activities, other activities intended to present the results of such activities shall take place. All the participants (the students and the Slovenian university professors and other faculty associates) shall present the theoretical knowledge acquired through these guest lectures in a presentation at the end of each course. The anticipated events are the following:

  • Creative Bazaar presenting the products made by the students during the visiting professor’s lectures;
  • Fashion show;
  • Two round tables with foreign guests.

Establishment of international cooperation in the field of sustainable design: During the project, the FD, together with foreign visiting experts and professors, shall set the grounds for long-term international cooperation in the field of sustainable design and with this purpose the following activities shall be carried out:

  • Establishing the GoinGreenGlobal platform,
  • Organizing the »International Design Explosion Week«,
  • Organizing the international »Zero Waste Design« contest,
  • Planning further joint research projects.Co-funding funds: 60.778,00€.

Invited experts’ in the academic year 2016/2017 (II. semester):

  1. Taco Langius, Istituto Marangoni, Product Design department, Milano,Italy
    Planned schedule: 01.03.-1.6.2017 (3 months, together 72 hours), long term hosting
  2. Julian Roberts, Fashion department, Royal College of Art in LondonUK
    Planned schedule: 09.05. -11.05.2017 (short term hosting)
  3. Lynne Elizabeth Elvins, Design management, Design Rally, Bristol, UK
    Planned schedule: 16.05. – 19.05.2017 (short term hosting)
  4. Steinar Mowatt Valade Amland, Three Point Zero, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Planned schedule: 22.05. – 25.05.2017 (short term hosting)
  5. Danijela Domljan, PhD _ MA in Design _ assistant professor, University of Zagreb Faculty of Forestry, Department for furniture and wood products, Zagreb, Croatia, Planned schedule: 29.05. – 31.05.2017 (short term hosting)
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