World Design Talk

02. 07. 2019

On Friday, 21st of June, the City Hall hosted the World Design Talk on the theme of the 11th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations: Sustainable Cities and Communities. The program was opened by the opening speeches by the Mayor Zoran Jankovič, the Dean of the Faculty of Design – prof. Nade Rožmanec Matičič, rector of the University of Primorska – prof. Dragan Marušič and the Italian ambassador, his Excellency Paolo Trichilo. The audience was also addressed by the President of the World Design Organization (WDO) Luisa Bocchietto, the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology Natalija Medica, the representative of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning Darja Piciga, president of the Slovenian designer’s organization Jurij Dobrila, representative of the Slovenian association for social responsibility prof. Rado Bohinc, international coordinator of GIDE network Andy Milligan and representative of the Regional Development Agency for the Ljubljana Region Lilijana Madjar. Later on honorary speakers followed;  prof.  Lučka Kajfež Bogataj on how to live within the boundaries of our planet, prof. Peter Lipar on how to achieve sustainable mobility in Ljubljana, prof. Nikolai Torelli on the environmental benefits offered by trees in the urban environment and Zmago Novak on the topic of Design of the city – design in the city. The program was moderated by the vice-dean for the international activity and the head of House of design, managment and innovation, Manca Matičič Zver.

The first part was followed by a round table on which WDO directors were presented and which was led by Steinar Mowatt Valade-Amland on the question of setting up new frames to explore the true potential of design. WDO President Luisa Bocchietto, WDO President-elect Srini Srinivasan, WDO Treasurer Gilles Rougon and other members of Board of Directors: Alpay Er, Thomas Garvey, Hicham Lahlou and Martha Zarza, who were present at the City Hall, discussed the cues that were put forward by Valade -Amland, that reflected and questioned the role of design in achieving a sustainable future. Another WDO representative – Secretary General Derome Bertrand – also honored us with his visit.

Finally, a presentation of the results of the ‘Flowing Spaces – city in motion’ project followed, which was presented by the students and the coordinator of the international GIDE network, prof. Inge Kalan Lipar, who also presented GIDE network and the workshops held annually on a different topic organized together with other partner academies / faculties from Dundee (Scotland), Wuxi (China), Madeira (Portugal), Mechelena ( Belgium), Magdenburg (Germany), Milan (Italy) and Lugano (Switzerland). At the Atrium of the Town Hall, an exhibition of all the students who took part in the above-mentioned project, which came straight from Scotland, was officially opened.




27. 05. 2019

Within the WDO (World design organization), the Faculty of Design is organizing the WDT World Design Conference, which will be on June 21, 2019 at the City Hall in Ljubljana.

The World Design Talks are workshops that address local challenges with global relevance and which aim to explore the ways in which design and collaborative mindsets can help identify solutions. The theme of this year’s event in Ljubljana is “SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES”



Registration form:






22. 11. 2018

Manca Matičič Zver, vice dean for international cooperation at the Faculty of Design, participated at the forum on 20th November in Brussels. BEDA, The Bureau of European Design Associations, in collaboration with Design4Innovation hosted INSIGHT FORUM with the aim to explore next practice in Design Action Plans. Namely  in recent years number of governments around the world adopted design action plans, including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Sweden in Europe, but also Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and India worldwide. BEDA played an instrumental role in initiating European Commission’s Action plan for Design driven innovation and establishing the EU Policy Lab. Now policy officer from Tourism, Emerging and Creative industries of European Commission is reviewing design’s role in the policy agenda and redrafting a set of actions to be included in the new creative industries strategy. The mission of BEDA therefore is to promote and strengthen links between creative industries and other industrial sectors to stimulate creativity and innovation in the wider European economy.



5th international scientific conference ALICE

14. 10. 2018



13. 07. 2018


We invite you to participate at the Zero Waste Fashion Design Competition 2018, announced by the Faculty of Design, Associated Member of University of Primorska.

The purpose of the Zero Waste Fashion Design Competition is to encourage young designers and artists to reduce waste, reuse and transform clothing and to design without any waste. Waste is becoming a growing problem in the world, and in the pursuit of sustainable design in the fashion industry, it is of utmost importance.

Sustainable design in fashion, as part of the competition, relates to the design and to the reduction of waste (Zero Waste), the reuse of waste or discarded products and materials, the processing and transformation, reconstruction of clothing, up-cycling and recycling of clothing and waste.


Designers and creators from 18 years of age can participate in the competition, making clothes in accordance with the requirements of the tender.

In line with the tender, all interested designers can submit their application by 20th September 2018 at the latest (by 23:59 that day). Group projects / group applications cannot enter the competition; only individual applications are accepted.


  • Upon completion of the application deadline, the expert commission will review and evaluate the received applications and select 5 finalists who will send the finished clothes for evaluation within the agreed deadline.
  • The finalists of the competition will get to participate in the “Summer School” of SUSTAINABLE DESIGN that will be carried out by the Faculty of Design in 2019 as well as the possibility to present the selected clothes at the exhibition within THE MONTH OF THE GREEN SPACE during the Month of Design events (at the Design City of Ljubljana).
  • Upon completion of the selection, the expert commission will announce the winner of the contest out of the 5 finalists.
  • The winner of the competition receives a presentation article in the Gloss magazine and will be promoted at all presentations of the Faculty of Design.


The application documentation must be submitted in digital form.

A valid electronic application must be submitted by 20th September 2018 at the latest, by 23:59 that day. Further information can be obtained via e-mail The organizer reserves the right to make changes if they deem to be necessary.

The applicant must submit the following documentation:

  1. A short CV of the applicant and a review of the previous work (portfolio) − the most important projects (in the image form).
  2. A brief description of the concept of the clothing collection (textual presentation of the collection, at least 350 characters without spaces in Slovenian or English).
  3. Presentation “Mood Board,” which covers inspirational starting points, colours, references, etc.
  4. Presentation of a minimum 4 clothing designs (“outfits”) with fashion sketches or illustrations and technical drawings, describing the details and characteristics of the garment. Shoes and accessories are not the subject of the competition.

(guidelines: create a folder called “sketches of the collection” and store the sketches of the collection there); Snap files to .rar or. zip format.

  1. It is not necessary to submit manufactured prototypes in the online registration phase. A minimum of 3 photos (front, back and side) of one outfit design must be provided. Photos should be at least 1500 x 1500 dpi. A detailed presentation of the realized clothing models is required.
  2. Garments must be made in accordance with sustainable principles of clothing design which include zero waste, re-cycling (up-cycling« in »re-cycling), reconstruction or redesign.
  3. It is necessary to provide information on used textile materials and other “waste” materials, including the indication of the raw material composition, the type of material and the source of the waste.
  4. Photographs of the materials and / or waste used in the plan of tailoring (sketched display with cut pieces, length and width of the material) must be provided in the case where a zero waste principal is used.
  5. After the completion of the selection of 5 finalists, 1 prototype of the outfit should be submitted.
  6. All works must be original creations created by the applicant and must not be previously publicly displayed.


  • Invitation to the competition: June 2018.
  • On-line registration and submission of all necessary documentation:

by 20th September, 2018 by 23.59 hours at the latest.

  • Selection of five finalists: no later than 28th September, 2018.
  • Delivery of clothes of the selected finalists of the competition: by 8th October, 2018.
  • Announcement of the winner of the competition: 17th October, 2018 at the 5th ALICE Conference, The City of Design.
  • Exhibition of the selected clothing of the finalists of the competition: from 17th October, 2018 within the Month of Design.


The jury will be composed of diverse experts from the field of fashion design and representatives of the Faculty of Design.

Members of the jury:

  • Assoc. Prof. Mateja Benedetti,
  • Assoc. Prof. Tanja Devetak,
  • Assoc. Prof. Metod Črešnar,
  • Assoc. Prof. dr. Damjana Celcar,
  • Almina Duraković, M.A., lecturer.

We are looking forward to receiving your applications!





29. 11. 2017


»Design and Design Management – Strategy for Economic Growth«

FACULTY OF DESIGN, Member of World Design Organization (WDO)

in cooperation with KOCles 2.0 and RC31

December 5th, 2017, at 15.00 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Hall C, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2nd International Design Talk in Ljubljana will address national and international challenges in the field of design and design management as the best strategies for economic growth of every economy. Today’s discussion will include the international experts in this field as well as graduate students of design and design management of national and international faculties.

Innovative sustainable strategy of architecture and design is the answer to many global challenges. Design as part of all creative industries with its profound ability to create new relationships between people is uniquely positioned to engender all the changes.

Designers strive to create a world where design enhances the social, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life. We engage the global industrial design community in activities that enable collaboration aimed at identifying challenges and opportunities for design to address some significant social and environmental issues.

With design, we strive for a better world.

We try to inform, engage and promote the value of design and its impact in humanity and economy. Through the systems of Design Thinking, the “art & design” philosophy, zero waste design, sense design, new aims of creative industries, new design for the new world and transfer of design innovation to industry, we create the future of the world. All our aims are to foster trans-disciplinary alliances and cooperation between researchers, artists, designers, architects and industry members as well as to offer artists new creative tools and strategies that expand the grammar of the traditional arts, cultural heritage and national identity. We try to raise sustainable design and architecture approach and awareness globally.

Therefore, Faculty of Design with RC31 (Development Centre of the Creative Furniture Industry) and KOCles, with Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, with managers, researchers, technological experts, artists and all industry members create new challenges which can comprise innovative sustainable strategy of design paradigms, design thinking green, zero waste solutions, the art & design philosophy, sense design – new aims of creative industries – new design for the new world and transfer of design innovation to industry.

That is how can we create the future of the world.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development enlists great global challenges, so we believe that every human being can do something for better future, better environment, better human rights, water and food for everybody. The 17 sustainable goals and 169 targets are very ambitious plans for social, economic and environmental issues.

prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič,
Dean of Faculty of Design



 15.00 – 15.10

Prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič, Dean of Faculty of Design

»Introduction: Design and Design Management – Strategy for Economic Growth«

15.10 − 15.20

Rozina Spinnoy, Managing Director, Belgium Design Council, Belgium

»Design Strategy for Economic Growth«

15.20 − 15.30

Assoc. Prof. Jordan Berginc, Ph.D., Faculty of Design and Studio of Entrepreneurship, Slovenia

»Design Management: Designing of Entrepreneurial Process from Product to Market«

15.30 − 15.40

Veronika Gruden, M.Sc., Faculty of Design

»Integration of Competences for Sustainability and Intercultural Skills into Curriculum of Faculty of Design«

15.40 − 15.50

Bernard Likar, RC31 − Development Centre of Creative Furniture Industry, KOCles − Competence Centre for HR Development in Wood Industry

»Design and Design Management – Strategy for Economic Growth«

15.50 − 16.00

Petra Cirman, M.A., Istituto Marangoni, Italy

»Sustainability in Design Management as a Consequence«

16.00 − 16.10

Manca Matičič Zver, M.A., Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Management Koper

»Design Value and the Meaning of Sustainable Behaviour in and out of the Company«


16.30 – 17.30   ROUND TABLE

  • Anja Črnič, Živa Kumelj, Špela Stergar, Tina Štefančič, the M.A. students of Faculty of Design, project »Cankar’s Relaxing Products«
  • Rozina Spinnoy, Belgium Design Council, Belgium, Managing Director
  • Prof. Jordan Berginc, Ph.D., Faculty of Design and Studio of Entrepreneurship, Slovenia
  • Bernard Likar, RC31 − Development Centre of Creative Furniture Industry, KOCles − Competence Centre for HR Development in Wood Industry
  • Veronika Gruden, M.Sc., Vice Dean for Quality Assurance and Social Responsibility, Faculty of Design
  • Head of the round table: Assist. Prof. Petra Bole, Ph.D., Faculty of Design


DESIGN TALK 18.05.2017

03. 05. 2017


We Create Future of Slovenia, Europe and the World –

What Can We Do on the Field of Creative Industries?

LJUBLJANA, May 18, 2017

City of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia

International Talk in Ljubljana will are address local challenges with global relevance—such as sustainable questions, climate change, and migration—from a design perspective. The knowledge gathered from the Design Talk will help to define our common ground and present a world design agenda that promotes more sustainable consumption and production and contributes to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.


09.00 – 09.45 Registration of participants

10.00 – 10.10 OPENING

Assist. Prof. Petra Bole, Phd,

Vice Dean for Artistic Activities, Faculty of Design

10.10 – 10.20  Darja Piciga, Phd,

Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning,

Citizens’Initiative for an Integral Green Slovenia

10.20 – 10.25  Taco Langius, Instituti Marangoni Milano, Italy

Form Follows Future = Form Follows Fiction?

10.25 – 10.30  Assist. Prof. Barbara Dovečar, MsC, Head of Visual Communication with students, Faculty of Design

Student Project for new Pediatric Clinic

10.30 – 10.35  Veronika Gruden, MsC, Vice Dean for Social Responsibility, Faculty of Design

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important? 

10.35 – 10.40  Manca Matičič Zver, Manager of House for Design Management and Innovation and MA student of Design Management at Faculty of Design

The Role of Design Management for Sustainable Development

10.40 – 10.45  Prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič, Dean of Faculty of Design

Sustainable Design for a New European Renaissance: The Case of International Platform GoinGreenGlobal

11.15 – 12.00 ROUND TABLE

Lynne Elvins, Design Rally, UK

Zmago Novak, City of Design, Centre for Creative Economy

HexaLum, project of students Of Faculty of Design from SaloneSatellite in Milano

Taco Langius, Instituti Marangoni Milano, Italy

Darja Piciga, Phd, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning


Shorter and longer hostings of foreign experts and professors at the Faculty of Design from 2016 to 2018 (Public Tender)

03. 05. 2017


Faculty of Design has received co – funding on a Public Tender for: Shorter and longer hosting of foreign experts and professors at the Slovenian higher education institutions in the years from 2016 to 2018.

During this period the Faculty of Design will be hosting 8 foreign experts or professors for the short term period (1 week, 7h of lectures at least) and 2 foreign professors for the long term (4 months, 6h/week, 96h of lectures total or 3 months, 6h/week, 72h of lectures total).

Description of the project: GoinGreenGlobal

The proposed project of organizing the visits of foreign experts and professors is addressing the sustainable paradigms of contemporary design, the so called GoinGreenGlobal project. The approach deals with a new trend that is based on raising awareness of the importance of sustainable and green design. GoinGreenGlobal combines various areas of interest, such as architecture, interior design, wood construction and production, photography, visual communications, fashion and textile design as well as design management. The approach offers comprehensive support in developing green decisions and positive changes in the production of systems, concepts and products which have an added value in the global economy. Together with the visiting experts from abroad, the visiting university professors and the local, Slovenian professors, we want to raise awareness of sustainable design which is based on the concepts of GoinGreenGlobal and “Zero Waste Design”.

The aim of the project is to raise the quality of study programs through the transfer of knowledge and experience in the field of design, the latest trends in sustainable design and the introduction of new forms of teaching in the study process, as well as a more constant international cooperation with foreign experts and institutions of higher education.

The project consists of three key activities:

Short- and long-term visits by foreign experts and professors: In the context of activities we shall invite foreign visiting experts and scholars from key study areas: interior design, textile and fashion design, visual communication and design management. The lectures offered by the visiting experts and professors shall be focused on sustainable design and are to be attended by both the FD students as well as the home university professors and other associates. The students shall gain an experience of quality lectures with an insight to new knowledge, which shall render them more competitive in the labour market after graduation. The visiting lecturers shall also contribute to the development of the knowledge of home professors and other faculty associates. Sharing experience, knowledge transfer, and new forms of teaching shall all contribute to raising the quality level of the study programs at the faculty.

Presentation of visiting scholars’ programs results: Simultaneously with the visiting scholars’ activities, other activities intended to present the results of such activities shall take place. All the participants (the students and the Slovenian university professors and other faculty associates) shall present the theoretical knowledge acquired through these guest lectures in a presentation at the end of each course. The anticipated events are the following:

  • Creative Bazaar presenting the products made by the students during the visiting professor’s lectures;
  • Fashion show;
  • Two round tables with foreign guests.

Establishment of international cooperation in the field of sustainable design: During the project, the FD, together with foreign visiting experts and professors, shall set the grounds for long-term international cooperation in the field of sustainable design and with this purpose the following activities shall be carried out:

  • Establishing the GoinGreenGlobal platform,
  • Organizing the »International Design Explosion Week«,
  • Organizing the international »Zero Waste Design« contest,
  • Planning further joint research projects.Co-funding funds: 60.778,00€.

Invited experts’ in the academic year 2016/2017 (II. semester):

  1. Taco Langius, Istituto Marangoni, Product Design department, Milano,Italy
    Planned schedule: 01.03.-1.6.2017 (3 months, together 72 hours), long term hosting
  2. Julian Roberts, Fashion department, Royal College of Art in LondonUK
    Planned schedule: 09.05. -11.05.2017 (short term hosting)
  3. Lynne Elizabeth Elvins, Design management, Design Rally, Bristol, UK
    Planned schedule: 16.05. – 19.05.2017 (short term hosting)
  4. Steinar Mowatt Valade Amland, Three Point Zero, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Planned schedule: 22.05. – 25.05.2017 (short term hosting)
  5. Danijela Domljan, PhD _ MA in Design _ assistant professor, University of Zagreb Faculty of Forestry, Department for furniture and wood products, Zagreb, Croatia, Planned schedule: 29.05. – 31.05.2017 (short term hosting)


FD students at Salone Satellite Fair in Milan

07. 04. 2017

Faculty of Design has participated at the Salone del Mobile fair, which is taking place in Milan, from 4th to 9th April. This year we are especially proud of the eight students of 2nd year of Interior Design course, who managed to qualify for the exhibition of young talents – students, Salone Satellite.
To be selected among individuals and student groups from various design faculties from all around the world, is an enormous success, for the students themselves and of course for the Faculty of design.

More information about the exhibition Salone Satellite HERE.

Salone Satellite as a part of the Salone del Mobile is a good opportunity to present creative and innovative ideas developed by young designers. Together with the experts from company Simetrija and other companies, and professional and educational mentors from FD, the student group DISET (Metka Pirnat, Eva Sešek, Zala Marinčič, Teja Samsa, Tanja Barkidjija, Tjaša Skubic, Pina Marija Rotar and Blažka Bezovšek), developed the panel light wall and named it Hexalum. In an effort to combine a technologically superior product with a rich cultural heritage of Slovenia, the surface of each lighting equipment inside the wall, was designed with lace by the 50 lace makers from Idrija Lace School.

The product impressed the professional and general public.

Students have also designed the exhibition space, which literally radiated the beauty of the product.


In a whish to make the effort well worthwhile to students, the whole team of FD joins the congratulations!



Faculty of Design joined WDO in 2017

20. 03. 2017

In January 2017, the Faculty of Design, Associated member of University of Primorska, became part of the World Design Organization (formerly ICSID).

The World Design Organization (WDO)™, formerly known as the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), is an international non-governmental organization that promotes the profession of industrial design and its ability to generate better products, systems, services, and experiences; better business and industry; and ultimately a better environment and society.

From 12 founding professional design associations in 1957, WDO has grown to include over 140 member organizations from 40 nations, engaging them in collaborative efforts and providing them with the opportunity to be heard internationally.

Members approved a motion at the last general assembly in October 2015 to renew the vision and mission and to change the name of the organization to World Design Organization. A new visual identity was unveiled on 29 June for World Industrial Design Day 2016, and the new name took effect on 1 January 2017 as we launch our 60th anniversary celebrations.

WDO has United Nations Special Consultative Status.

Read more on:


1st Conference on design and communication ADI-FVG (ADI Industrial Design Association – delegation of Friuli Venezia Giulia)

04. 11. 2014

1st Conference on design and communication ADI-FVG (ADI Industrial Design Association – delegation of Friuli Venezia Giulia)

Conference Title:

“Design è future. Communication and product design as a resource for the future in Friuli Venezia Giulia”

Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, Udine
February 24, 2017

ADI Industrial Design Association – delegation of Friuli Venezia Giulia

ADI is the association representing Italian Design institutionally since its foundation in 1956. As a protagonist and an interpreter of a new culture of design and of product, in over fifty
years of activities and initiatives, ADI has helped to place the design Italian and Made in Italy on the cutting edge of contemporary taste, acquiring a recognized international
leadership.The Association brings together key players in the system of design (designers, contractors,distributors, institutions, journalists, historians, critics). The FVG delegation operates in the region since 2003 with the aim of enhancing the identity of our region through the culture of design.

Purpose of the Conference:
The design, mostly identified with industrial products is closely connected with another sphere of creative design, that of communication, often determining its success or failure.
The conference aims to bring out the salient points of this report by providing businesses, professionals and students of industry with insights, considerations and experiences rooted in
the realities of the daily work.

Target Audience:
Companies, entrepreneurs, young design and communication professionals, university students and regional schools students with design profiles.

Conference Structure:
The conference will include two sessions.

Education and new models of collaboration between organizations, companies and universities, which are the necessary expertise.

Moderator: Claudio Gambardella (Professor of Industrial Design – Department of Architecture and Industrial Design Luigi Banvitelli – II University of Naples)

Luciano Galimberti, President of the ADI National
Matteo Tonon, President Confindustria Udine
Carlo Piemonte, Dir. Cluster Furniture for House System
Fausto Deganutti, Dir. Academy of Fine Arts G.B. Tiepolo Udine (ABAUD)
Marco Pietrosante, Head of External Relations ISIA,
Petra Bole, Head of Product and Textile Department, Faculty of Design, associated member of University of Primorska, Slovenia
Pasquale Volpe, Creator of Design in Town
Albino Celato, Philip Pisan and the company De Castelli: Case history, from an
internship in the company to ADI Index nomination
Q&A session with students from the major colleges and universities of the Friuli
Venezia Giulia region.

Session 2 :
Communicate to grow the project culture: New languages, Community, Contrasting strategies.

Moderator: Simona Finessi, editorial director of the magazine Platform – Member of the
ADI National Council

Peter Hefti, Marketing Manager / Museum Manager Molteni & C. Italian Distributor for Vitra Design
Stefano Micelli, professor and essayist (Compasso D’Oro 2014 for the book, Artisanal Future)
Francesco Messina, Graphic Designer
Marco Zito, Industrial Designer
Giuseppe Marinelli, Artistic Director of Design Week Pordenone
Paola Miglio, Digital Marketing and Strategis

Followed by
Awards Ceremony of the FVG companies selected for ADI Index 2016 in the presence of
President of the ADI National, Luciano Galimberti.

Selected companies:
– Fantoni
– Horm & Orizzonti
– Illycaffé
– Italesse
– Molino Moras
– Prismafood
– Tàfaruci Design



A.L.I.C.E. International design week

03. 11. 2014



A.L.I.C.E. 2016



November 14th – November 18th, 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia



Art & Design Green philosophy helps us in making green design choices and positive changes in the production of systems, concepts and products with added value in the world economy.

The GoingGreenGlobal is a new brand of the Faculty of Design, associated member of the University of Primorska. It deals with the new movement of awareness for design thinking green. The brand integrates various areas of interest such as architecture, interior design, wood construction and manufacturing, photography, visual communication, fashion and textile design as well as design management.

Green communicates with a healthy environment, a vibrant economy and a high quality of life.

The GoingGreenGlobal – SUSTAINABLE DESIGN PARADIGMS of A.L.I.C.E. (Architecture, Landscape, Interiors, Culture, Emotion) international conference encouraged us to search for conceptual standpoints with regard to the sustainable development of relations between the global economy and design in the widest possible context.

The questions that need to be addressed at the A.L.I.C.E. international scientific conference are related to the future of world economy integrations, natural and social resources management, social situation, sustainable development, migration of nations and further to the significance of designing our environment which is constantly and uncontrollably changing, even at this moment.

So we can ask ourselves, what is the real role of designers and managers on one side, as well as people or users of those products, concepts or services on the other side?
What kind of culture of living deserves our utmost attention, the highest level of consideration? Is this our creative mind of daily living?
Do we have to discover a sustainable paradigm of design that will safely and reliably take us to the next decade?

To tackle some of the questions, we have prepared the following topics:
• Design and the circular economy
• Art & Design in tourism economy
• Communication design and sustainable development
• Design policy landscape of Innovation
• Design thinking green as the way of life

To contribute means to feel responsible. Therefore, we kindly invite national and international experts in the field of culture of design, and design managers with profound background in managing design concepts in various business services sectors, to join us at theGoingGreenGlobal week from 14th to 18th November 2016 that will feature a number of events which will be held in the most beautiful city in the world – Ljubljana: European Green Capital 2016, where we want to discuss about the specific role of design as a tool for innovation development and the added value of products, services and concepts.

More about ALICE, you can find here.

With my best regards,
Nada Rožmanec Matičič, dean of Faculty of Design




11th Anniversary of Faculty of Design

27. 08. 2014

In November 2016 Faculty of Design celebrated its 11th anniversary with Ceremonial Academy. Domestic and foreign guests were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Nada Matičič and CEO, Mr. Miha Matičič on Ljubljana Castle.

The gala event rounded off a series of activities which has, in eleven years, transformed the formerly known Academy of Design into the Faculty of Design, with 1st and 2nd level study programme Design. Pedagogical, research and artistic activities of the Faculty of Design are based on the creative ideas of its experts who are able to realize their ideas from the start (concept) to the finish (implementation phase), while building high ethical standards, respecting academic freedom and maintaining a sustainable relationship with the environment. Faculty received numerous awards, whose recipients are students and their mentors and is a holder of many patents and European models. Successful integration into the industry paves the career path for many graduates – young talents.

The grand academy was opened by Vice Dean for artistic activities, assist. Prof. Petra Bole, PhD and prof. Peter Krečič, PhD, Chair of Visual Culture deprtment, a longtime associate and friend of the faculty. We were honoured by the presence of the Rector of the University of Primorska, prof. Dragan Marušič, PhD.

At the gala event, the Faculty awarded its longtime associates, companies and individuals who have contributed to the development of the Faculty of Design , with GoingGreenGlobal awards. The founding leader of GoinGreenGlobal awards , Prof. Nada Matičič, in her speech stressed out the necessity of sustainable design awareness.

GGG Award winners 2016 are:
1. UNIVERSITY OF PRIMORSKA / Universita del Litorale
2. ASSOCIATION Gide – Group for International Design Education
3. SEM – Slovenian Ethnographic Museum
4. Municipality of LJUBLJANA
5. Wood Industry Cluster
6. RC 31
7. INSTITUTE BIG ( City of Design)
8. European Faculty of Law
9. The Slovenian Business and Research Association in Brussels
10. prof. Janez Suhadolc
11th prof. Vladimir Sanzharov, director of the Institute of Saint -Petersburg State University of Technologies and Industrial Design
12. Mateja Benedetti (professor at Faculty of Design and brand owner of Terra Urbana)
13. Palmieri d.o.o.

GoinGreenGlobal Awards were awarded to the colleagues of the Faculty, head of departments and all who built the future of the faculty, among them
– Mrs. Mileva Miškovič for long-term successful management of Student office
– Mr. Miha Matičič for the first brave steps towards the establishment of new institution and the recognition of design management strategies in the management of the Faculty of Design.

– to all colleagues of the faculty, who also expressed special thanks to Dean, prof. Nada Rožmanec Matičič, for long-term visionary leadership of the institute and irresistible energy which inspire us every day.

Artistic programme was consisted by creations of Textile and Fashion department students, under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Mateja Benedetti. The perfect musical accompaniment on the harp was again ensured by a promising young musician, Stella Pograjc.

At the gala ceremony, Faculty of Design presented its new corporate image design, which we are especially proud of. There was also a retrospective exhibition of the faculty experts, who presented their scientific and artistic work, during past eleven years.

Domestic and foreign guests, participants in the International GGG week and 4th International scientific conference A.L.I.C.E were spoiled by gourmet food design chefs of Ljubljana Castle.

Sincere thanks go to the Municipality of Ljubljana, which has enabled event and pleasant stay of all participants.



AWARENESS AWARD- Special mention for our students

24. 07. 2014

This year we have participate for the second time in the international competition Awareness Awards, an annual design competition that rewards creative re-use of carpet waste for new innovative products. This year the theme of the contest was SOUND.

Among the 52 proposals arrived from 5 countries students form the Facutly of Design have received recognition:

SPECIAL Mentions

for the Product MUR VELU_stand for the guitar, designed by the 2nd year students of Interior Design: Nina Vavpetič, Natasha Travnikar, Mojca Cesar and Emma Babošek under the supervision of the senior lect. Mojca Perše.

Comment of the jury about the product of our students:

“The jury found this Proposal worth mentioning Because of ITS oroginal character. Mur Vela is a compact solution for putting your guitar on the wall using carpet waste. The way the theme ‘Sound’ was interpreted in a less conventional way suprised the jury so much, That They DECIDED to give the design a well-deserved special mention. ”

We congratulate to all of our students who have participated!

[youtube id=”K8iQr0Bg_3I”]




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22. 07. 2014

FACULTY OF DESIGN, Independent Institution of Higher Education, Associate Member of University of Primorska
Prevale 10, 1236 Trzin
Tel. no.: (059) 235010
Mobile no.: 031 383 883 (Student Affairs Office)

Student Information Point / Helpdesk: Trzin, Prevale 10, 1236 Trzin

In the Academic year 2017/2018, the Faculty of Design will have Master degree programme DESIGN in the following courses:

  1. Interior Design course
  2. Textile and Garment course
  3. Visual Communication course
  4. Design Management course


Study Venue: Trzin, Prevale 10 and Gerbičeva 51, Ljubljana

You can find CALL FOR ENROLMENT here: Call for Enrolment – Masters Degree_FD 17 18









05. 03. 2014

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WORKSHOPS GIDE – Group for International Design Education
HOST: SUPSI – Scuola Professionale Universitaria della Svizzera Italiana LUGANO

“Step across the border ” aims to step beyond the visible rality and established concepts by experimenting inquiry nad design tools in the context of the sociology of space.

In addition to the Faculty of Design, the workshops were attended by students from Germany- Hochschule MagdeburgStendal, Magdeburg, Great Britain- Leeds College of Art and Design, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, Italy- Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Belgium- Thomas More College, Mechelen and also students and their mentors from China, School of Design, Jiangnan University. There were all together about 200 participants. Workshops were held for four days, starting on Monday, 6th February, when we met at the opening of our joint exhibition of selected projects that were created in all schools in the winter semester entitled “Doorways / Entrances / Thresholds – Encouraging Local Participation Within Communities “.

Final exhibition of 18 videos took place in a former slaughterhouse – Ex Macello, where awards for the best projects “Doorways / Entrances / Thresholds – Encouraging Participation Within Local Communities” were delivered. Our students Estera Rezar and Jan Brovč, under the mentorship of Jana Mršnik, received the prize for the project “Deform” and “We want to leave.”



Students of FD for young patients of Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana

05. 03. 2014

With the presentation of the final graphic and interior solutions, which was held on Wednesday, Mar 29th 2017 at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana, 3rd year students of the Interior Design course and 3rd year students of Visual Communications course, completed the project of conceptual renovation of the premises of the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana.

Work took place in interdisciplinary groups of students under the mentorship of Prof. Jasna Hrovatin, PhD. (Department for Furniture Design), Assist. Prof. Barbara Dovečar, MsC. (Department for Visual Communication), Assist. Prof. Darko Birsa (Department for Visual Communication) and visiting professor Taco Langius.

The main objective of the project was how to make existing premises of Pediatric Clinic more friendlier and more attractive to young patients, with taking into account the strict hygiene and safety standards and modest financial capabilities of the Clinic.

The students of Visual Communications course produced illustrations and pictograms, students of Interior Design included their graphic design into given space and spatial elements.

The final results were six excellent projects:

All presented projects have encountered a great response of the clinic´s employees. Now we hope that these conceptual solutions find their way to the premises of the Pediatric Clinic.




SEMANTICS Workshop Week with doc. Filip Claes

05. 02. 2014

SEMANTICS Workshop Week
By interior architect FILIP CLAES (University Thomas More Mechelen, Belgium)

18.2. – 20.2. 2014

Faculty of Design
Department of Interior Design and Architecture
Project leader:   M.Sc. Jasna Kralj Pavlovec

TUESDAY, 18.2. 2014
9.00 – 13.00
lecture and workshop
2nd  Year bachelor students (30 students)

WEDNESDAY, 19.2. 2014
9.00 – 13.00
2nd  Year bachelor students

THURSDAY, 20.2. 2014
12.00 – Presentation and Conclusion



05. 02. 2014

We are announcing that the call for enrolment for the studies at the Faculty of Design is open.

First round call is open from the 5th of February to the 5th of March.

All the relevant information you can find on the web page of the Ministry of education, science and sport (only in Slovene) or contact our department for admisson Ms. Mileva Mišković:


Border Crossings

05. 02. 2014

Since 2010 Faculty of design, Department for Interior design is actively involved in an on-going international and multidisciplinary project entitled ‘Border Crossings’. Three disciplines explore diverse responses to a shared sense of place, identity and cultures from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, Scotland; Faculty of Design, University of Primorska, Slovenia and College of Visual Arts & Design, University of North Texas, USA. Interior, Jewellery, Metals, Textiles and Fibres students, [involving 400+ since its inception in 2011] and their mentors interact online to explore inter-cultural knowledge exchange in which place, identity and culture play a pivotal role in transforming discipline engagement, disciplinary blurring [e.g. Border Crossing] and the impact of digital practices on creative culture.

This year the theme of the project and research is MACRO/MICRO/MEZZO_INTERSPACE. The project manager and head coordinator is senior lecturer Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, MSc.


Jasna Kralj Pavlovec

jasna BW 199x300 Border Crossing


Space is everything around us. It can be crafted by a human being or created by nature. We perceive it with all our senses on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Moving through space makes it possible for us to perceive it as a continuum of changing visual impressions, apparent growing and shrinking of objects, changes in light and contrast, etc.

We think of built space as positive space, and everything surrounding it as negative space. We always move through so called negative or empty space. Negative space is a key element of built space. It combines with positive space to form architectural space. A similar situation occurs in sculpture.

Research of relationships between large spaces, small spaces and interspaces allows us many different levels of interpretation. These levels can reach from natural environments, city environments, built structures, interiors, installations and sculptures to small objects and even graphic interpretations of thoughts and words. When we deal with spaces and their interactions we perceive them differently, comparing them on a physical, psychological, and emotional level.

The question is what interspaces are and how they’re felt and defined?

The aim of the project is the registration and research of spaces that are somewhere in between. These are the interspaces between two equivalent spaces, between spaces that have clearly defined functions and content and are taken for granted. Interspaces are spaces that are not initially perceived as active. We are talking about overlooked areas.
The aim is to (re) design interspaces of larger structures. With intervention these interspaces obtain a story, an innovative new program and content, a new identity and a new correlation with the environment. The interspace has to become a space which one does not merely pass through.

When the space loses its anonymity, becomes noticed and is no longer interspace but THE SPACE.


World in Classroom

05. 02. 2014

How to create an unforgettable Exchange experience?

Would you like to see what a Slovenian school looks like? Do you want to teach Slovenian children about your home country? How to make your favourite food or play your national sport?

The World in Classroom is a project coordinated by LLP National Agency with aim to bring together international students with Slovenian schools (or kindergartens)..

International students can work as teacher assistant, carry out a project with the class, gives a lecture on a certain topic depending on what you and teacher want.

You can attend language classes or history, geography, cooking lessons or participate with photo/painting exhibition, blog, music (depend on your wishes and possibilities in schools)…

One lesson (one school hour) equals one visit. You can arrange for more hours if you like.

If you’re interested in participating you can apply at LLP National agency Slovenia – CMEPIUS.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation and a small gift.

Procedure and application on our web page:

If travel is needed, we will arrange the costs reimbursement.

For all further questions, you can contact Maja Godejša,



Study visit, April 2014

26. 09. 2013


After a successful week of the Study visit organised by the Faculty of design, we would like to give special thanks to all nine participants who attended our study visit and helped us to make it unforgettable.

Next, we would like to thank the mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Jankovič for his warm welcome and reception at the city hall.

To the principal of the secondary school for Design and photography Mr. Gregor Markelj and to all the companies: Impakta, Donar – director Mr. Matej Feguš, GigoDesign – director Mr. Miha Klinar and Odeja, Mrs. Petra Mravlja and Mrs. Katja Zrimšek who welcomed us and shared with us their strategies of work, ideas and examples of good practices.

And last but not the least, to all the professors, staff and students involved with their work in the programme of the study visit.


The study visit PROMOTING DESIGN EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPING INDUSTRIES organised by Faculty of design is going to be held from 7th to 11th of April in Trzin/Ljubljana.

To be inform about the content of the program and participants, follow us on .

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.

The study visits programme is part of the EU’s lifelong learning programme 2007-13 (LLP).

Program of the Study visit organised by the Faculty of design:


Transformation and change of name and address

02. 08. 2013

Dear students, colleagues and partners,

We would like to inform you that the Academy of Design in Ljubljana with the decision of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education was transformed into the Faculty of Design.

Full name of the institution of higher education after the transformation is as follows:
Faculty of Design,
an independent institution of higher education,
an associate member of the University of Primorska

Also the Faculty of Design is, from August 1st 2013, located at the new location: Prevale 10, 1236 Trzin.

All other data (registration number, VAT number, bank account number) remain the same. The telephone numbers have also not changed.

Please send all mail to: Faculty of Design, an associate member of UP, Prevale 10, 1236 Trzin.


Design Week and Fashion Show 2013

02. 06. 2013

Academy of Design kindly invites you to the annual closing event 

DESIGN WEEK: a retrospective exhibition of the Academies’ students for the academic year 2012/2013,
From June 3rd till June 7th 2013

FASHION SHOW: Thursday, May 6th at the Festivalna Hall, Ljubljana

[youtube id=”kwLPYI8960g”]

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Lighting Guerrilla: Shimmering

23. 05. 2013

In the Vžigalica Gallery on Tuesday, 28 May 2013, was the opening of this year’s Lighting Guerrilla: Shimmering. Academies 3rd year students of the Department of Visual Communication and Interior Design presented themselves at the exhibition with a light object mimicking fireflies. The exhibition will be open until June 29th.


Fashion Month, Regional Museum Maribor

09. 05. 2013

We kindly invite to to the opening of the Fashion Month at the Regional Museum Maribor, on Thursday May 9th 2013 at 19.00 o’clock.

The student exhibition Collar – a decoration or Functionality? will be moved from the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and presented at the Fashion Month. The collars were designed by Academies 2nd year students at the Department for Textiles and Clothing under the mentorship of assist. prof. Tanja Devetak.

mesec mode vabilo


Exhibition: Collar-a decoration or functionality

06. 05. 2013

Collar – a decoration or Functionality

At the Slovenian Etnograpic Museum a student exhibition opened on April 11th 2013. The exhibition denominated Collar – a decoration or Functionality? displays results of student exploration of the form and function of a collar during the course Contemporary fashion (2nd year, Department of Textile and Clothing) under the mentorship of assist. prof. Tanja Devetak.

Participating students: Admir Kapić, Kaja Polajnar, Maxi Tavčar, Teja Jeglič, Mirela Murič, Evgenija Zafirovska, Valerija Rimele, Nina Čehovin in Hana Hees Pavlinc.

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E-catalog: Department of Textiles and Clothing

26. 04. 2013

E-catalog: projects 2011/2012 at the Department of Textiles and Clothing

We proudly present you the first e-catalog of the Department of Textiles and Clothing portraying student projects of the academic year 2011/2012. The catalog, named START, was designed and composed under the supervision of Lecturer Sabine Puc, MA, and 3rd year students of the department.

We would like to thank and congratulate to all who have contributed to the making of the catalog!


Welcome Erasmus and CEEPUS students

09. 04. 2013

At the Academy of Design you can study as a full-time or as an exchange student. For full-time students you will find more information HERE. As an exchange student you can come as an Erasmus student or as a CEEPUS student.

Deadline for Erasmus applications

 – Winter semester
DECEMBER 1 – Summer semester.

Basic documentation:

For more information click HERE

Deadline for CEEPUS applications

JUNE 15 – Winter semester
OCTOBER 31 – Summer semester
NOVEMBER 30 – Freemover mobility 

Basic documentation:
Application Form
Acceptance Letter
Learning Agreement
Academic Transcript


GIDE, Ljubljana 2013 – international event

11. 02. 2013

The GIDE (Group for International Design Education) Event, Ljubljana, February 2013 was an international event, bringing together 250 students and lecturers/mentors from 7 GIDE partner institutions, partners from USA and Canada and Erasmus guest students at the Academy of Design, Ljubljana.

The GIDE Event was comprised of three main “happenings”:

GIDE international design conference “Celebration – Invitation to dinner”: Special emphasis was laid on Ljubljana’s bridges, since a bridge was presented as the designated place for the interpretation of the celebration/invitation. We had the opportunity and the privilege to host Slovenia’s best architects that designed Ljubljana’s bridges, prof. Peter Gabrijelčič, dean of Faculty of Architecture, prof. Janez Koželj, vice mayor of Ljubljana, and guests from abroad, Mrs. Tara Wainwright, Marketing & Communications Manager from V&A at Dundee, and Marie-Leen Ryckaert, Senior Lecturer Design History & Theory, ArtEZ Institute of Architecture.

Organization of the GIDE 10th Anniversary Exhibition – “Design in Action”: the exhibition was presented in the Kresija Gallery, in the center of Ljubljana.

GIDE annual workshop “Invitation dinner”: 12 groups of students were formed, each guided by two or three mentors from different institution. The result of the workshop, of each group are published on the GIDE website.

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welCOME to our new English web page

30. 11. -0001

Since May 10th 2013 the Academy of Design presents itself on these new web pages.

If you have any comments, suggestions or require additional information about our school please contact Ms.Manuela Volmajer at the Department of International Affairs and Research.


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