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English is a commonly used language in Slovenia. The majority of our teachers studied abroad, so they know how to adjust the program and knowledge for the incoming students. We are constantly participating in international projects, workshops taught by foreign guest lecturers, so English is quite often used and there will be no problem for students to integrate.  

For those who are interested in learning Slovene language (Erasmus Intensive Language Course - EILC) they can apply at


Centre for Slovene as a second/foreign language

Kongresni trg 12



Zavod ŠOLT

Vojkova ul. 63 (same as Academy of design)



Useful links to the languages courses:

Erasmus intensive language courses EILC

Slovene language courses at zavod Šolt 

Centre for Slovene as a second/foreign language

Tool for learning Slovenian in German

While studying in Slovenia, students enjoy its perfect location with part of its territory by the Alps and part by the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia, member of the European Union since 2004, is also a member of the Schengen Area and the Euro zone. This situation makes Slovenia an ideal destination for international students who would like to attain a higher education degree while discovering the rest of Europe. Student status brings numerous other benefits. Students enjoy heavily subsidized food in a wide range of restaurants, discounts on public transport, reduced admission for many events and discounts for the participation in various courses and activities. Another good reason to study at the Faculty of Design, located only 9 km from the city center of Ljubljana, is the fact that Ljubljana is very much a student town: students account for roughly a fifth of the city's population. In general, Slovenia can also offer a very lively social life for students.

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Gateway to information on Slovenia

Visit Ljubljana - life in Ljubljana, accomodation, events and more

Information for foreigners 


Private student house in Ljubljana 

Real Estate 

Rooms to rent in Ljubljana - page only in Slovene

Casa Swap - rent, sublet or swap rooms and apartments


Student organisation ŠOU

The SOU of Ljubljana International Office is part of the Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana which takes care of Slovene and foreign students. The SOU of Ljubljana International Office is mainly responsible for taking care of foreign students. Your very first contact with the SOU of Ljubljana International Office is established via the reception. It provides help regarding subsidized student meals, urban transport in Ljubljana, student identity cards and last but not least it takes care of your social life. All information regarding events for foreign students, organized by the international office, will be available via the e-mail list "Reception News", which is updated on a weekly basis. Additional information about upcoming events for foreign students can be found on the SOU of Ljubljana International Office Facebook page. The reception will do its best to make your integration into the Slovene everyday environment as pleasant and as fast as possible. If you run into any problems during your stay in Slovenia, feel free to contact the reception during official hours or via e-mail:

All important information regarding Slovenia, Ljubljana, subsidized student meals, urban transport, health insurance and other can be found in the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) library.

Foreign students are very welcome to write or stop by at any time!

Erasmus Student Network, ESN Ljubljana

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