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The Faculty of Design was transformed from the College of Design and has been an independent higher education institution, as well as associated member of the University of Primorska since 2011. It offers a three-year, BA study programme “Design”, and the master’s MA study programme “Design”, which encompasses four departments: Interior Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Visual Communications and Design Management.
The modern study programmes are designed according to the Bologna declaration and standards, stipulated by the European directives of higher education development and according to the comparable European programmes. Along with obligatory subjects, visited by all four departments’ students, the programmes also offer a wide range of selective subjects, where students can upgrade their general knowledge with specific skills regarding to the selected area of work. The programmes offer students a quick integration in the labour market along with the possibilities to be established and to work on Slovenian as well as international design markets. Moreover, the students are provided with knowledge and skills to start their own business, as designers or design managers.

The professionals at the Faculty of Design are actively engaged in introducing lifelong learning, which is one of the strategic guidelines of the European higher education spheres. The Faculty’s programmes are also available to those, who have not had the opportunity or the possibility to get education and training in the mentioned fields of work. Learners receive credits, which can be applied in further education. The Faculty also implements various forms of informal education during the study year (seminars, workshops, courses and round tables with domestic and foreign lecturers).

The Students’ Council is also active at the Faculty, organizing more informal study events. Students can get support in building their employment skills and searching for further employment opportunities at the Career Centre, which has been active since the 2012/2013 study year. There are also student tutors and teachers tutors available for undergraduate and foreign students. The faculty library is intended especially for students and staff to academic staff and scientific workers and research associates, but it is also open to external users. In 2016 the library had 2,451 copies of various books and publications.

Cooperation with the economic sector
The Faculty of Design is one of the most significant co-creators of Slovenian economic and social life; therefore, it sets an example with its conduct in the environment, where it is active. The knowledge, which is transferred from the Faculty of Design to Slovenian companies via innovations, patents and development projects, brings companies added value in design and technological solutions and the production of new products as well as new workplaces. Many ways of cooperation with local and foreign companies and partners are evident on the basis of concluded contracts on projects and cooperation.

The Faculty of Design is partner in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Development centre of Creative Furniture Industry, Competence centre for Wood Industry, Design Centre of Slovenia, City of Design Slovenia and several others.

With the purpose of supporting the students of design and design management, Faculty of Design has established House of Design Management and Innovation (HDMI). Therefore, students can expand their horizons and create a space where the economy may be faced with the experts from the academic sphere, in the field of design.

House of Design Management and Innovation coordinates and integrates the interests of the economy, based on national strategic objectives and interests of creative industries. HDMI also organizes exhibitions, round tables, workshops, where they can meet young talents and companies with big ideas. The house also provides training for professional and general public, involving local and foreign experts in the field of design management.

Pedagogical, research and artistic work
The Faculty of Design cooperates in projects with an expressed artistic and conceptual approach, where design is established as a socially-engaged area of work and education. Due to its mission, which is infused in all pedagogical processes, artistic work is included in various presentations, exhibitions and publications. The Faculty of Design further develops the connections between science, development and art, the acquired additional value is not reflected only in the school’s development, but also within the scope of the economic development of the entire region.
The Faculty of Design has been successfully working in three fields of work since its establishment: in the field of design education, in the development and research field and in the artistic field. Itconnects with other design schools and research institutions in Europe, such as Instituto Marangoni, Italy. The Faculty of Design puts special emphasis on organising pedagogical and research work according to the “D´school” principle, i.e. within studios and laboratories, where interdisciplinary teams of students and mentors operate. Due to experience, which they obtain, students are then able to cooperate in trans-disciplinary teams, where they can establish a pluralism of opinions and views. Academic and economic spheres are included in the teams.

Faculty of Design has 3 laboratories for scientific and artistic research:
1. Laboratory for creative industries,
2. Laboratory for visual communication,
3. Laboratory for product design.

The Faculty has established a successful research team in the field of research and development, which encompasses researchers from all four departments. The research team is interdisciplinary and is therefore successful in conducting research projects, especially developmental projects in Slovenia and abroad. The results of successful work can be measured with acquired patents, awards for design achievements in Slovenia and in the world as well as with published papers. Special attention will be put in the future to close cooperation with experts from the industry and various universities. FD strives to successfully transfer knowledge in the industry and implement innovative solutions in the field of applied objects.

Faculty of Design is successful in consumption of EU and national funds.

FD is the owner of 20 patents and 11 European models.


As Faculty of Design is a common space for students, lecturers and researchers, it is necessary to cultivate such relationships, in which each individual is in the centre of the action. Students, especially those on masters program, are included in the research and artistic work. There is an important role of the lecturer as mentor, researcher and artist. Under the mentorship of professors, students are receiving national and international awards and recognitions. In 2016/2017 Faculty of Design enrols 322 undergraduate students and 15 master students.

Social responsibility

The Faculty of Design strengthens social responsibility, since we are well aware of our commitments to the wider society as well as the responsibility that we are investing in local environment, where we operate and co-exist. This is our special duty, which we perform with pleasure and special pride, since the development of the Faculty is closely connected with developing the sustainable nature and social environment, improving the flow of knowledge, with connecting educational, research and artistic work and the economy. We are encouraging students and employees to actively participate in sustainability projects.

International cooperation

Since 2007, the Faculty of Design has been actively cooperating in Erasmus + and CEEPUS programme. In this way, the Faculty has established a high quality network of international connections, which enable students and lecturers to exchange knowledge, ideas and practical experience in the world of design. The Faculty has concluded over 50 bilateral agreements with many distinguished higher education institutions, which operate in similar fields of work.

Associations and Platforms

The Faculty of Design also established the A.L.I.C.E. platform (Architecture | Landscape | Interiors | Culture | Emotions), which aims to promote and raise awareness of the importance and role of Design in developing a sustainable society and design as an interdisciplinary intellectual process, which focuses on using and applying research results in final products. It is purposed for experts, professors, pedagogues and students, who cooperate on different levels with various types of contributions and in different interdisciplinary projects.

The Faculty of Design also cooperates in two international associations, where it is an active member. It cooperates in the GIDE association, which is an international consortium of higher education institutions in design, which cooperate with the purpose of upgrading the experience of students in the field of 3D, architecture and interior design. The group is composed of seven partner institutions from Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Scotland. The Faculty of Design is the only Slovenian partner in this association. In 2014, the University Jingjao Vuxhi from China joined the platform.

From 2011,  faculty ´s Interior Design and Architecture Department participates in the international platform Border Crossing, established by three universities in the United States, Scotland and Slovenia. BorderCrossing is composed by three institutions, three national coordinators, multi-directional design, over 150 students and more than 10 mentors, who jointly develop projects and intercultural communication. In addition to the main project, which deals with various themes of architectural space and identity correlation.

The Design Management Europe (DME) is a cover association of institutions that operate in the field of design management. The Faculty of Design, which is the only institution in Slovenia actively engaged in this area of work, in year 2014/2015 launched design management in the pedagogical area, which will contribute to further development and establishment of creative industries in numerous companies.

In 2017 the FD will establish international platform to support sustainable design – GoingGreenGlobal, which will spread awareness about the necessity of using the 3R concept, green technology, social responsibility in the management of human resources, user-friendly design solutions etc. On selected topics FD will organize artistic and scientific research events in collaboration with students, mentors and traders. We will strive to receive global recognition and support from national and international policy makers.

In 2017 Faculty became a member of WDO (World Design Organization).

Quality assurance

FD pays special attention to the quality of its operations.

The most important elements of quality are:
– The establishment and monitoring of the implementation of the annual working plan,
– The establishment and ongoing monitoring of the single input indicators (data) for evaluation
the quality of the faculty;
– Evaluation and self-evaluation and continuous improvement actions;
– Monitoring data on enrolment and data on the implementation of the study program and study efficiency;

– Monitoring the opinions of stakeholders;
– The introduction of tutoring and other forms of assistance and advice to students;
– The promotion of equal opportunities for students with disabilities and other status;
– Employee care, promoting quality work and reward for successful work and employee involvement in decision-making;
– Strategies to link faculty with industry and other users of knowledge;
– Regular consultations and workshops in the field of quality;
– Membership in organizations at national and international level;
– Informing the general public about the activities of the faculty.

The Faculty of Design is composed of a young team of academically and professionally qualified higher education lecturers and associates, who create the future of students – designers with their knowledge and creativity. The pedagogical, research and artistic path of the Faculty of Design bases on creative ideas of its associates, who are capable of realising their ideas as well as building high ethical standards, respect academic freedom and preserve sustainable relationship to the environment.

FD identifies its mission in teaching, scientific and artistic activities, the quality of which is based on the aspiration for excellence, high ethical standards and concerns for sustainable development.
Employees of the Faculty of Design are committed primarily to the following ethical values: honesty, excellence, responsibility, dignity and openness. They strive for the realization of academic freedom, as a fundamental right and responsibility of university teachers, staff and students.

Abroad, the Faculty is well-renowned and distinguished since it operates, competes and proves as one of the best as evidenced by numerous rewards:
-“Best University” Award, European Bussines Assembly (2013),
-Arch of Europe for Quality Award, BID (2014) and
-ESQR (European Society for Quality Research), 2014.

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