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A.L.I.C.E. 2016



November 14th – November 18th, 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia



Art & Design Green philosophy helps us in making green design choices and positive changes in the production of systems, concepts and products with added value in the world economy.

The GoingGreenGlobal is a new brand of the Faculty of Design, associated member of the University of Primorska. It deals with the new movement of awareness for design thinking green. The brand integrates various areas of interest such as architecture, interior design, wood construction and manufacturing, photography, visual communication, fashion and textile design as well as design management.

Green communicates with a healthy environment, a vibrant economy and a high quality of life.

The GoingGreenGlobal – SUSTAINABLE DESIGN PARADIGMS of A.L.I.C.E. (Architecture, Landscape, Interiors, Culture, Emotion) international conference encouraged us to search for conceptual standpoints with regard to the sustainable development of relations between the global economy and design in the widest possible context.

The questions that need to be addressed at the A.L.I.C.E. international scientific conference are related to the future of world economy integrations, natural and social resources management, social situation, sustainable development, migration of nations and further to the significance of designing our environment which is constantly and uncontrollably changing, even at this moment.

So we can ask ourselves, what is the real role of designers and managers on one side, as well as people or users of those products, concepts or services on the other side?
What kind of culture of living deserves our utmost attention, the highest level of consideration? Is this our creative mind of daily living?
Do we have to discover a sustainable paradigm of design that will safely and reliably take us to the next decade?

To tackle some of the questions, we have prepared the following topics:
• Design and the circular economy
• Art & Design in tourism economy
• Communication design and sustainable development
• Design policy landscape of Innovation
• Design thinking green as the way of life

To contribute means to feel responsible. Therefore, we kindly invite national and international experts in the field of culture of design, and design managers with profound background in managing design concepts in various business services sectors, to join us at theGoingGreenGlobal week from 14th to 18th November 2016 that will feature a number of events which will be held in the most beautiful city in the world – Ljubljana: European Green Capital 2016, where we want to discuss about the specific role of design as a tool for innovation development and the added value of products, services and concepts.

More about ALICE, you can find here.

With my best regards,
Nada Rožmanec Matičič, dean of Faculty of Design



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